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The province of Bolívar has 180,000 inhabitants, 50,000 urban and 130,000 rural.
Beautiful and diverse tourist attractions await you in Bolívar, which on April 23 celebrates its Foundation anniversary.
Its subtropical forests offer many sites of tourist interest, such as: waterfalls, caves, rivers of crystal clear water where you can enjoy a good bath in the middle of a pleasant climate.
This province located in the heart of Ecuador, bounded on the north by Cotopaxi, on the south by Guayas, on the west by Los Ríos and on the east by Chimborazo and Tungurahua.
With a privileged location you can enjoy a magnificent landscape in the páramo, at 4,000 meters high; observe a great variety of flora and fauna; and, during the tour, let yourself be enchanted by the colorful communities that belong to Salinas de Guaranda, known nationally and internationally for community development and where you can taste exquisite cheeses and handmade chocolates of the highest quality.

El Socavón
  • Hostería El Socavón is 10 minutes by car from the center of Guaranda, located in a beautiful landscape.
Las Naves
  • Cantón Las Naves is 88 km away. in the northwest of Guaranda.

  • Guaranda e the capital of the Bolívar province. Guaranda has 20,000 inhabitants.
  • Guaranda or also "the city of the seven hills" has a historical museum.
  • In the city, local products such as panela, aguardiente, lana, and textiles are sold.
  • The independence of Guaranda was on November 10, 1820.
  • Canton Chilianes is 68 km away. in the south of Guaranda.
San José de Chimbo
  • Chimbo Canton is 14 km away. in the south of Guaranda. The city was founded by Sebastian de Benalcázar in 1535, and was previously a seat of the pre-Inca indigenous nation.
  • The Echeandía Canton is 56 km away. in the northwest of Guaranda.
San Miguel
  • San Miguel Canton is 20 km away. in the south of Guaranda. San Miguel is famous for its bullfighting festivals and its history.
  • Canton Caluma is 62 km away. in the southwest of Guaranda.
Facundo Vela
  • Facundo Vela is located 79 km away. in the northwest of Guaranda.
Laguna de Cochas
  • The Laguna de Puricocha is located at a distance of 10 km. from the city of Guaranda, and has a tourist infrastructure. On horseback or on foot you can also visit the Patococha lagoon.
  • Salinas is 29 km away. distance in the north of Guaranda, and is famous for its saline water springs and its Tomabela salt mines, as well as its microenterprise and community development advances. Here you can enjoy community tourism with the whole family.
  • Simiátug is 26 km away of Salinas.

The province of Bolívar has 3,900 square kilometers of surface divided into 7 cantons.

The capital of the Bolívar province is Guaranda.
Teléfono: (593) 03 - 2980930

Teléfono: (593) 03 - 2980229

Iglesia Santa Marianita de Jesús en Guaranda - Provincia de Bolívar
Más Fotos - More Photos - Mehr Fotos
Café Casa Vieja - Guaranda Bolívar
Más Fotos - More Photos - Mehr Fotos
Guaranda Bolívar
Guaranda Bolívar
Más Fotos - More Photos - Mehr Fotos
Guaranda Bolívar
Guaranda Bolívar
Guaranda Bolívar
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